Interactive - Arts Development Organization
CREATIVE CONTENT Architecture planning, design, construction management
EXAMPLE Restaurant, Boutique, Villa, Hotel, Studio, Gallery, Residence etc.
AREA Japan, USA, France, UK, Italy, Brazil , Taiwan, Thailand, India, Spain etc.
STUDIO OFFICE Palace-Aoyama 4F, 6-1-6 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan
FACTORY 186 Shinyosida-cho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 223-0056, Japan
Contact info Tel +81-3-6753-9689  Fax +81-3-6317-7836


masataka sakano
Masataka Sakano


November 2, 1973



Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA

  • Graduated in Music Performance studies.
  • Winner of Chick Corea Award

Eiko-Gakuen Junior/Senior High School, Kanagawa, Japan

  • Left the school mid-course, with the objective of enrolling at Berklee.


Independent Architect

December 2005 – Present
  • Self-educated registered architect. (Acquired professional knowledge and skills through no college education, but through self-teaching and apprenticeship under various building contractors and Miya-daiku.)
  • Established, in 2006, i-ado, an Architectural Design firm and an Interactive-Arts Development Organization.
  • Planned and designed numerous innovative architectures.
  • Representative works include:
[Completed Works]
“Villa Hayama”, a musician’s summer villa in Hayama, “T-House”, an art gallery, in Daikan-yama, Tokyo. “Aurora Gran”, a Jewelry shop, in Omote-sando, Tokyo. “CATCH”, an advertising firm, in Gaien-mae, Tokyo.
[In-Progress Works]
A 300-years old sake-brewery, at foothills of Mt. Fuji, Yamanashi. A cultural complex (traditional textile art crafting) in Tooka-machi, Niigata.

Independent Master of Miya-Daiku (a woodworker specializing in shrines, temples)

January 2002 – Present
  • Built and/or restored traditional Japanese architectures, including tea-arbors, shrines, temples, and national/local cultural properties.
  • Representative works include:
[Completed Works]
A Noh stage at World Heritage Toji-temple in Kyoto. Group of monumental buildings (chapel/convent/auditorium /school- house) at Sacred Heart School, in Shirogane, Tokyo. “Kanai Beikoku-ten”, a 120-years old rice-shop in Kichijoji, Tokyo. A 150-years old historical architecture, in Koiwa, Tokyo.
[In-Progress Works]
A Japanese tea-arbor in Tangier, Morocco.

aurora granOmote-sando

A major renovation of a 30-some-year-old building converted into a shop/studio space for the jewelry brand “aurora gran”. Located on a small alley just a few minutes from the main street Omote-sando, it is incredibly peaceful despite the hustle and bustle nearby. The architecture represents the concept of the jewelry brand, which is “nomad”. The center of the building is open all the way up to the ceiling glass, surrounded by small compartments, to be used as shop, studio, photographing space and gallery, and are placed in staggered patterns.

Designing this building involved myself travelling back and forth between the primitive and the modern world. I designed and created the structure itself, as well as various other objects large and small, from the furniture to display the merchandise to seemingly meaningless objects. It took long contemplation to create some of them, while others just came to me and were completed at a whim. The resulting space has a free-flowing atmosphere, reflecting the character of the people who were there to create it.